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Ken at Tracker put me on the right road to correct all my problems.Dirty little secret: CorelDraw is a pretty good CAD drawing system if you learn the tools.So I came across the Tracker and was told by the sales rep in London Ontario about the new 4x4 Nitro.Tracker CNC is a manufacturer of affordable, high quality, CNC plasma cutting tables.The Lincoln Electric Torchmate product line is a high quality line of both kit and fully assembled CNC plasma cutting machines available for light.

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If you want a cheap THC with twist knobs for setup buy the THC300 from Campbell Designs.My situation is a bit different than most because I had a unit that just was not satisfactory.

Our most popular bed mill due to its combination of low price.

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Most torch tables I see have 300 to 400 CUTTING speeds for steppers and up to 800 IPM for servos.


It needs to be able to pierce at one height, then move rapidly down and start the cut process at a lower height.

We build Industrial Strength CNC Plasma Cutting Tables, CNC Pipe Cutting Machines, and CNC Routers.

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Tracker CNC plasma cutting systems have the technology and experience you can trust.I just discovered this newsgroup again after not being on here for 6 years.I was also interested in seeing what criteria buyers use to evaluate a machine.

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We got some of the lamest excuses as to why the machine behaved like it did (someone down the road may be doing sonic welding was one).

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I personally have nothing but praise for the guys at TRACKER.Things like text are best done in the native Corel environment.

I do have 36 years of experience in electronics, metalworking, CNC, computers, software, systems integration and other related fields.Over all it serves our needs and we slowly learn more and more uses for our table.It could use alittle easier instruction on leveling and squaring it but so far it works great for our application.

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Assembly was just as they said, easy and trouble free. about two hours and it was ready to power up.When I read things about a product that are wrong from a technical standpoint and see obvious major differences and I point those out, it is ususally at the request of another post.There are three ways to get a bitmap into a vector cutting program (which all CNC is).Bryan and Sam of 2 Guys Garage on Speedvision have taken delivery of their newest machine.

Could you be so kind as to point us to those reviews and newsgroups.CNC Digitizer Use a digitizing tablet and our Logic Trace software to quickly and.Of course, you are talking one big shear, and you have increased blade wear due to the interupted cut.

Get an interactive quote with free design analysis within hours.You would need to overlay the the sheet on the profile when you make the toolpath.I was interested to know what people use as the deciding criteria for one table over another.We ended up turning it all the way up to 60 for everything we are cutting.

We recieved our tracker machine a few weeks ago, a 4X8 with a cutmaster 101.

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The Crossbow is a portable, economical CNC system for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting.Custom high precision cnc machining gps tracker parts. please send me your drawing or samples,we will give you price soon. Custom high precision cnc.As for tables, well the Canadian dollar is doing very well right now, but as you know, technical support and high shipping costs are very important.It appears that Tracker has put more into their marketing and web site than engineering.It would appear from the timing of your posts and the fact you have never posted prior to that you were not looking for advice or feedback from the list and that makes me curious.

I too have had little sucess with reduced amps, I sloved that problem by not sweating the small stuff, crank it up.


I think the variables would be in the plasma power supply, not the cutting machine. the cutting machine will trace your part, you just need to make sure your power supply doesnt turn itself off.

I have been using their stuff for about 4 years, oops, time flies perhaps it has been 5 years, anyway, they really give you your moneys worth.My thought is that it needs that short amount of time for preheat.The Tracker designed cutting software is extremely easy to work with.CMA CGM simplifies this process to help you to get all the information you need online.