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Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how Bitcoins work, how to pick an exchange, and how the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin really works.No matter how secure these exchanges become, there is a simple lesson to be learnt.Bitcoin Exchanges Hit By Denial Of Service Attacks. Posted. so that they can fool the exchanges.Get weekly News Wraps, Charts, Analysis, Events and Blockchain Musings, direct to your inbox.A major Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange has suspended trading. an anonymous Reddit user.FXBTC - A small Chinese exchange, and a registered company of Shanghai Yao Chi Network Technology Co., established on November 26, 2013.US based digital asset exchange with trading FIX API and REST API.How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Exchange on search for feedback about the exchange on internet forums such as the Bitcoin Reddit or the Bitcoin Forum.

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Bitspark - A Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange that announced at the end of April 2015 that it was closing its exchange to focus on its remittance services.

Bitcoin Exchanges Note: Exchanges provide highly varying degrees of safety, security.

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The latter is a near-exact copy of Bitcoin. Bytecoin. behind the Bytecoin.

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McxNOW - Launched in September 2013, McxNOW was a digital currency exchange.In March, the company announced that their BlackCoin was stolen by some users, caused by a bug in the BlackCoin daemon.The Australian government is considering the regulation of the local digital currency space by revealing plans to bring bitcoin exchanges under the scope of anti.Bitcoin prices are crashing on extremely heavy volume - down over 30% in the last 2 days - after Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex halted all trading after it.

An exchange based in Slovenia, where users can trade between Bitcoins and US Dollars.Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money.High school dropout and Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman hosted a Reddit AMA to shed some light on himself and his journey in the cryptosphere.As of August 2011, Britcoin rebranded itself as Intersango, now also defunct.

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The exchange struggled for several years before shutting down due to a lack of interest.Gemini Exchange is aptly named after its two founders the Winklevoss twins.

Mainly a Euro and US Dollar exchange for Bitcoin and Litecoin, but also offers markets for several other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.Not to be confused with the still-breathing CryptoTrade exchange, this trading platform, owned by Esecurity SA, was unveiled in March 2013.Yes, Reddit accepts Bitcoin for Reddit Gold: New Gold Payment Options: Bitcoin and Credit Card.

Wall Street Journal sources understand that Chinese officials are ordering the shutdown of domestic bitcoin exchanges.In a global market where anyone, anywhere, can start up their own currency exchange, the market has been flooded with both good and bad service offerings.Bitcoin Brasil - Announced on March 31st, 2011, this was the first market for the exchange of Bitcoins and Brazilian Real.

As Japan becomes a friendlier place for bitcoin with embracive legislation, over 10 Japanese companies are reportedly launching bitcoin exchanges to capitalize on the.Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts.Bitcoin-Central - This Paris-based exchange launched on December 29, 2010.Users on Reddit and bitcoin forums are speculating one large transaction.

Reddit Litecoin page continually provides the latest news and discussions.Although the website is still up, the last volume on this exchange was on November 26, 2013.Lasting almost a year, in March 2014 the company claimed its wallet got hacked and all of their bitcoins were stolen.A shop in Hong Kong that accepts the digital currency Bitcoin.Gatecoin is a bitcoin and ethereum token exchange based in Hong Kong.Only a month later, a Reddit user, claiming to be a former employee of the company, wrote a divulging post on how much of a scam this exchange was, detailing a string of eye-opening information.

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Fast execution, low fees, powerful features, and responsive trading: available only on BitMEX.Yacuna - Yacuna was a UK-based, regulated European Cryptocurrency exchange.

The debate still rages around whether or not Prelude, and owner Moolah, are guilty of being scammers or not.Social media community Reddit with bitcoin related links, threads and interesting btc stuff.Gox and present themselves as advanced models with better security mechanisms in place.Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Suspends US Dollar Deposits. Posted. reddit. Bitcoin news sources. leaving the majority of Bitcoin exchanges desperately searching for.On 15th April, the exchange announced that it had stopped processing orders, and later that month it was still working on the problem.Mt. Gox is — or rather, was — one of the largest bitcoin exchanges,.