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Get set up with our Receive Payments API and start accepting Bitcoin payments today.The total number of fees—in satoshis—collected by miners in this block.Wallet import format, a common encoding for the private key.This client SDK was made by the community, and is not officially supported by BlockCypher.Unless otherwise noted, all descriptions of direct HTTP requests will assume one of these base resources prepends it.We provide 2 different ways for you to control the fees included in your transactions.

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Optional If true, then the Address object contains more transactions than shown.We also offer support for HD Wallets, which make it easy to manage multiple addresses under a single name.

In terms of deciding whether passing private keys for microtransactions is a reasonable tradeoff, consider the following.BlockCypher is a simple, mostly RESTful JSON API for interacting with blockchains, accessed over HTTP or HTTPS from the domain.If true, includes the confidence attribute (useful for unconfirmed transactions) within returned TXRefs.The extended public key all addresses in the HD wallet are derived from.

While not required, we recommend that you set a change address.By default, all payments will be debited with a 10,000 satoshis mining fee.The simplest way to send a Microtransaction is by using a private key.If you need to transfer lower values, you may want to reevaluate your application.They can also be used with Events and with the Transaction API.The publicly accessible Analytics API is a set of preconfigured tools and pipelines built against our flexible analytics backend.

In order to model this correctly, you need both a great connection to the network and a lot of past data, which we have.The returned object contains information about the address, including its balance in satoshis and the number of transactions associated with it.In general, these are provided by you, and correspond to the signatures you provide.You can even see information about your remaining limits by checking the X-Ratelimit-Remaining attribute in the HTTP header in normal API calls.

Objects: An overview of all the objects in the API, alongside detailed descriptions of every field.Great for automatic merchandise (whether physical or virtual) processing.MultiChain for Developers. Almost all of the information in the Bitcoin Developer Documentation is applicable to MultiChain.RTWire provides a REST API designed for enterprises that require high volume, low value Bitcoin transactions.Optional Number of confirmations of the previous transaction for which this input was an output.Optional Array of transaction inputs and outputs for this address.The payload will come in the form of a PaymentForwardCallback object.

A Job represents an analytics query set up through the Analytics API.Create an analytics job, based on the engine types listed below.

The other supported client SDKs batch differently, but each idiomatic to their respective language (check the code pane examples in each library).The Bitcoin Core project has a large open source developer community. testing, documentation.

Optional Hex-encoded data for you to sign after initiating the microtransaction.Total balance of satoshis, including confirmed and unconfirmed transactions, for this address.Optional The OAP address, if generated using the Generate Asset Address Endpoint.It includes the Handover Protocol, Built-In NLP, a new payments flow, and much more.

Optional Associated hex-encoded metadata with this transaction, if it exists.This page is both a technical documentation and advocacy of the new mining protocol which can be used for bitcoin mining.You can then query detailed information on individual wallets (via their names) by leveraging the Get Wallet Endpoint.