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Also note that market structure remains healthy, price action is not yet parabolic, the moving averages of all varieties are still stacking to the upside, and the Ichimoku Cloud continues to expand higher in support of the uptrend.No doubt things are still mixed with a slight bearish bias, but downside is also relatively limited for now in our opinion so we remain in wait-and-see mode.Author owns and trades bitcoins and other financial markets mentioned in this communication.

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The value of each Bitcoin fluctuates based on the law of supply and demand.Ethereum (Ether) Price updated in real-time every minute 5 exchanges 6 ETH currency pairs No advertising.Additionally, it appears as though price is currently trapped between the ATH supply area and the new upper demand area on mixed candle formations, so perhaps the market will continue to tread water until SegWit officially locks in next week.

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Daily Chart The daily chart remains the best medium term view of the market so we will stick to it today.

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Dow clings to modest gain, but stocks trade mostly lower after economic data.Today 6:12 a.m. Sept. 13, 2017 - By. to the daily change in the price of.Markets and Prices. Posted by Bitcoin on Monday, August 28, 2017.Hacked: Hacking Finance. Archives. Posted by Dmitriy Lavrov on September 6th, 2017.Dow clings to modest gain, but stocks trade mostly lower after economic dataU.S. stock benchmarks trade mostly lower on Thursday following data on jobless claims and inflation.Even if not, and the miners decide to game the price for awhile by messing with the lock-in periods and percentages over the coming days, we still think SegWit happens prior to August 1st.

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In terms of momentum and volume, things are much more encouraging than the price action or market structure signals seem to indicate.Bitcoin now being heavily manipulated by the communist China.

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I imagined the path it would take from today to this time when.

The price of Bitcoin was soaring to new highs during trading last week,.While we fully acknowledge that there will be bumps along the road over the coming months, we also think that when a bear market comes it will be from far higher levels and relatively far into the future (perhaps late 2018 - 2019, pre-halving).For last 5 years Bitcoin price has. be launched on 15th January 2017 at.In terms of momentum and volume, we are still getting fairly mixed signals on the oscillators as Willy and the Stochastic accelerate into overbought territory while RSI and PPO continue to show there is room to run higher.As far as momentum and volume are concerned, both are looking better than they did yesterday but also need some additional help, especially momentum.

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Daily Chart Back to the daily chart as well considering it remains the best medium term view of the market for the time being.

As far as momentum and volume are concerned, the Stochastic is pinned in overbought territory, Willy is getting very close to overbought as well, RSI is lagging, MACD is close to its zeroline, and PPO remains neutral.Today, the majority of mining on the Bitcoin network is done by large.

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Even still, we think that the demand increase that will come from at least a sign of progress and cooperation will overwhelm what could be a near term selling spree.

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Bitcoin is down about 14% in 2017. Bitcoin is getting demolished,. erasing more than 30% of its value.

Poloniex is the place to be when it comes to exchanging Monero for Bitcoin,. and the uptrend is continuing throughout early January 2017.Bitcoin is now the most crowded trade around: Bank of America Merrill Lynch.Until that level is broken, the market remains in consolidation.All things considered, though, we think the market will just tread water over the next few days to make us.Another hedge fund star has hit the dust and this is his parting advice for clients.

Daily Chart We also want to return to the daily chart below for the medium term view of the technical setup, and we can see that things are still generally more bullish on this timeframe than they are on the lower timeframes (at least for now).Moving on to momentum and volume, we can see that the momentum oscillators are finally coming down out of overbought territory although they still have alot of room to run lower, MACD has crossed below its zeroline for the first time this week, and PPO is still flashing weak sell signals.

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January 19, 2017. but at least have a support in value by governments, bitcoin does not even.

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If they do, and FOMO begins to kick in, we could be looking at new highs once again going into what will likely be another low liquidity weekend. 6-Hour Chart Today we zoom back out to the 6-hour chart for a slightly broader view of the short term technical setup which currently looks pretty good other than some stiff overhead resistance just above the market.Inflation Spikes in 2017, Supporting Gold. inflation rose at the fastest pace in four years during January.